Elizabeth Annette Bowen 

Professional Credentials


Florida Registered Paralegal, FRP (Registered as a Paralegal with the Florida Bar)

Background screening current (through National Notary Association)


Notary Public Commission through 7/30/22

Notary Public Commission through 7/30/22



CSA / NSA / TRID Certified


CSA / NSA / TRID Exam Results

CSA TRID Exam Results


National Notary Association (Notary Public renewal / Bonded & Insured)


E&O, Bond to 7/31/22


Northeast Florida Paralegal Association, Inc., Member / Past Treasurer




* Disclaimer:  Although a commissioned Notary Public and a Paralegal, I am not an attorney licensed to practice law in the state of Florida, and I  cannot give legal advice, accept fees for legal advice, or advise whether a person should or should not sign a document. Further, I am not authorized by law to prepare legal documents except under the supervision or direction of an attorney licensed to practice law.   No content of any page on this website is to be taken or construed as legal advice.

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