Jurat or Acknowledgment?

What is the different between a Jurat and an Acknowledgement?

An acknowledgment ensures that the signer of the document has been properly identified and the signing was observed by the Notary Public who places their signature and seal having observed the person signing the document in the Notary’s presence.  Essentially, the Notary Public positively identifies the signer and verifies the signer freely signed the document(s). Many important documents require acknowledgements including deeds and power of attorney (POA).

A Jurat is a verification that requires the signer to take an oath to attest to the accuracy / truthfulness of the content of the document(s). The signer is required to take an oath/affirmation before the Notary.  Jurats are often performed on affidavits and depositions.

An oath can be administered verbally by the Notary who asks the person taking the oath, “Do you swear that the statements in this document are true and accurate?” When a person is unable to “swear” (due to religious reasons oath he/she may asked: “Do you affirm that the statements contained in this document are true and accurate?”  Upon receiving an affirmative answer, the notary can then notarize the documents.

* Disclaimer:  Although a commissioned Notary Public and a Paralegal, I am not an attorney licensed to practice law in the state of Florida, and I  cannot give legal advice, accept fees for legal advice, or advise whether a person should or should not sign a document.  Further, I am not authorized by law to prepare legal documents except under the supervision or direction of an attorney licensed to practice law.   No content of any page on this website is to be taken or construed as legal advice.

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