Paralegal Services

Skilled paralegals are detail-orientated, organizers, and fact experts who can greatly assist in the building of cases, and can perform a larger portion of the legal groundwork thereby freeing up the attorney’s time to focus on work that only attorneys can do.  Attorneys are legal planners, strategists, case directors and with the assistance of skilled paralegals can justify a higher hourly rate with more specific roles enabling them to spend more time with clients, and focus on resolving legal issues.  Efficient attorney, paralegal, and legal assistance teamwork results in;

Reducing costs – Increasing Profits – Improving Client Satisfaction

Listed below are standard, non-inclusive professional paralegal services that can be provided partly in-office and remotely, on a contract, temporary, or regular basis and for any other special legal projects/assignments to attorneys licensed to practice law:

  • Preparing proper and HIPAA compliant authorizations to obtain records
  • Preparing proper and HIPAA compliant State and Federal subpoenas (including out of state commissions)
  • Locating USA process servers and following through with service of process
  • E-filing in state and federal courts
  • Reviewing and analyzing case files, discovery, and medical files and determining additional discovery to obtain
  • Preparing discovery and responses to discovery
  • Preparing documents for production with proper bates labeling
  • Preparing pleadings, notices, affidavits, etc.
  • Reviewing and preparing essential, comprehensive case and medical chronologies
  • Preparing professional PowerPoint presentations for mediation or trial use
  • Providing Florida notary services and/or provide notary contract signing services
  • Assisting with case investigative searches, verification, fact-finding, and gathering
  • Mediation and trial preparation assistance including preparing demonstrative aids
  • Assisting with the coordination of witnesses for trial
  • Attendance and assistance at trial

Paralegal work is billed per hour, one-hour minimum, and additional time billed in increments of 15 minutes (accommodations can be made for other billing increments). You can be confident that any billing time will be detailed, proficient, and professional time without fluff. Any required / necessary administrative time required while performing services will be billed at a lower hourly rate, billed by the quarter hour.   Additional approved charges include travel expenses, copies (.15 per page), any other approved legitimate legal expense.   My paralegal service fees are covered in client billing rates.

Challenges are opportunities to go over and beyond the norm! 

* Disclaimer:  Although a commissioned Notary Public and a Paralegal, I am not an attorney licensed to practice law in the state of Florida, and I  cannot give legal advice, accept fees for legal advice, or advise whether a person should or should not sign a document.  Further, I am not authorized by law to prepare legal documents except under the supervision or direction of an attorney licensed to practice law.   No content of any page on this website is to be taken or construed as legal advice.

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